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TipCAT Platform


TipCAT is a transformation self-propelled, flexible, and semi-disposable endoscope providing see & treat capabilities within tubular lumens in the human body such as the colon, blood vessels, and the urinary tract.

Its  locomotion  mechanism  is perfectly  suitable  to navigate  and  crawl through  a natural  tubular  lumen, applying  the minimal  necessary  pressure  to achieve  the adequate friction required for gentle, fast, and safe advancement within the human body.



Tip Catheter Colonoscope (TCC)


Market Facts

Annually, between 15 and 20 million endoscopy procedures are conducted with reusable endoscope devices to screen various components of a patient’s GI tract in the USA. 2

However, approximately 30% of polyps are missed during Standard Colonoscopy (SC), e.g., due to polyps hidden behind colon folds and flexures 1, and in addition the reported incidence of bacteremia after colonoscopy, with or without biopsies and polypectomies, reaches up to 25% 3. There is also a growing shortage of gastroenterologists and increasing patients volume affecting screening capacity for colorectal cancer 2.


Our Solution
The Tip Catheter Colonoscope (TCC) innovation is driven by two proprietary concepts:

    • A unique automated self-propulsion mechanism, designed to reduce pain and discomfort and has the potential to increase patient acceptance. In addition, this mechanism will allows a Physician Assistant (PA) to perform the insertion, while a GI specialist performs diagnosis and polyp removal, delivering more efficient and effective way to treat the growing number of patients.
    •  The breakthrough semi-disposable design will facilitate any high quality imaging technology on the market while allowing the accessibility for both diagnostic and treatment tools, while eliminating the need for cleaning / reprocessing of the colonoscope.



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